Poettinger Ireland held a Grassland Show on the farm of Johann and Gaesa Hoff in Talbot Hall, New Ross, Co Wexford last week, The theme of the show Clean Forage saw a working display of the wide range of Poettinger grassland Products. Several hundred visitors over the two days had the opportunity to see mowers including the impressive Novcat X8 collector, fitted to a Fendt 720 and working at 10km, averaging 12 acres per hour. Followed but the new Poettinger HIT 10.11 ten rotor trailed tedder. Area sales manager Sean Fitzgerald was eager to explain that we are seeing the future of grass silage harvesting in Ireland, Quality clean forage is the future and Poettinger Ireland want to take this message to Irish farmers he explained, “Irish farmers are living in the best grass growing country in the world, yet we make the poorest grass silage and we compensate with mixtures of expensive rations”, he said, “We face more extremes in climate changes, possibly longer winters and after this winter, storage of quality forage has never been more important”

Thomas Reiter head of Product Development addressed an evening forum and began by asking “How Low Can You Mow” This is the thinking Irish farmers need to adjust too, how low can I mow , how clean can I ted and rake , grass condition, when is the highest quality, can we increase the window for harvesting, can we adjust from a one cut system to a two or even three cut system, can we do this and reduce costs, Poettinger Ireland says yes we can and we want the opportunity to explain this to every Irish farmer says Sean

Poettinger products are designed and developed to produce clean forage, our mower range with slim poettinger cutterbar is equipped with quick change blades as standard, superior floatation and ground hugging capabilities explained Sean. The poettinger Hit Tedder range on display in New Ross featured the new Hit 10.11 with lift matic Plus is unique in the market. Before being raised, the rotors are positioned horizontally using a hydraulic cylinder and then lifted. This ensures that the tines do not scrape against the ground.The forage remains clean and the sod is protected says Sean, Raking is also extremely important correct setup of any Rake is only possible with a lead wheel in front on the rotor, all Poettinger Rakes sold in Ireland are fitted with Multitask wheels, again this is to produce clean forage free of clay and foreign objects,

Our loader wagons are world market leaders say Sean and the reason we are market leaders is evident throughout our loader wagon design, our cam steered pickup, Pendular hinged pickup, rotor design offering smooth energy saving penetration of the crop, New Auto Cut sharpening sold for the first time in Ireland this year, Easy move pivoting knife bank and automatic loading the list goes on say Sean, We have a loader Wagon to suit every farmer and contractor and we want the opportunity to increase the incomes of our customers,

Sean finished by saying ” If you want to know how good Poettinger products are just ask our customers”